Maternity sessions are one of my favourite things to shoot, and I’m so excited about all the upcoming sessions I have - iso babies maybe? But in all seriousness, if you’re an expecting Mama and you’re on the fence about booking a photoshoot, I’ve collated some of my favourite images from the last year to help give you that gentle nudge.

Booking a maternity shoot is the perfect way to document your pregnancy, because whether it’s your first or fifth babe, each one is unique. Your family will never be this small again, and it’s great to be able to show your future children what you looked like while carrying them. Also, you deserve to show off your superpowers, because growing a baby and having the ability to solely nourish him or her for the first few months of their life is pretty darn amazing!

If you're expecting and would like to know more about a maternity session, please fill in the form on the 'contact' page and I'll be in touch with you. No matter how big you feel, or how over it you are if you're in the last stages, you honestly will not regret having some photos done!